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Published Articles
"Common Side Effects of Routine Orthodontic Mechanics." Journal of the American Orthodontic Society, July/Aug 2011 vol. 11, issue 4, pp. 24-28. Dr. Jim Prittinen, DDS

"What is Class II (Two) Malocclusion? A primer on some treatment modalities" Sampark Jan/Feb/March 2010. Dr. Jim Prittinen, DDS

"Orthodontic management of long face syndrome." General Dentistry, 1997 Vol. 45, No 6, pp. 568-572. Dr. Jim Prittinen, DDS

"Orthodontic diagnosis of long face syndrome." General Dentistry, 1996 vol. 44, no. 4, pp. 348-351. Dr. Jim Prittinen, DDS

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