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I am writing this note in support of Dr. Prittinen. I recently completed a two year part time study in orthodontics with the United States Dental Institute. Dr. Prittinen was one of my instructors.
Personally, I consider myself highly skilled. I have studied dentistry intensely, did three years of post graduate studies and taught briefly approximately 1.5 years each at Columbia University and Howard University as a clinical instructor in Fixed Prosthetics. I can safely say that with the level of education so far acquired, I can easily recognize and gravitate toward the best clinicians and finest available post graduate seminars. Dr. Prittinen’s course is dynamite! His techniques are superb and highly efficient. I am presently doing my cases with him and they are coming along nicely. I never thought orthodontics could be this easy.
The USDI course presented an enormous amount of theory. It became quite overwhelming and confusing with all the different techniques. And since there was no actual work on patients I was unable to fully understand the material. For that reason I didn't start any cases, that is, until Dr. Prittinen came into the picture. That changed everything. I finally could make heads or tails out of all this stuff.
A student can only learn theory if mass is present. That is, if you are talking about bracket positioning, you must actually place brackets (whether on a model or a patient) in order to fully understand. Even though I was happy with Dr. Prittinen's lectures I was still at a loss. I needed to see orthodontic techniques. A friend and I negotiated with him and we flew to Minnesota and spent 4 days at his office. That was probably the best continuing course I ever took! That was the missing part of the puzzle. Everything fell into place and made sense. Starting with the basics like bracket positioning to bending wires, we did a lot. It was a great experience and his staff and family are wonderful and easy to get along with.
I am presently doing all my cases with Dr. Prittinen. It is so easy to communicate with him. He is pleasant and has an agreeable personality. If you are a GP interested in ortho, I highly recommend his course. Expect to be impressed.
I can be reached anytime for questions.

Peter Merai, DDS
6188 Oxon Hill Rd., #410
Oxon Hill, MD 20745
301-567-9844 phone
301-567-5079 fax
301-367-8268 cell

From : Katte Anilesh DDS FAGD
Sincere Dental Arts PC
44 Tuckahoe Road
Yonkers NY 10710.

Often, general dentists need guidance when starting, managing, and finishing orthodontic cases. Dr. Jim Prittinen is always there to help with patience, in depth knowledge and practical tips. He has mastered, with compassion, teaching orthodontics to general dentists. He has given hands on courses in my office over 8 years, which has enabled me to learn orthodontics in a systematic way. I am one of the lucky dentists to have participated in this program. I strongly recommend this course to my friends who wish to further their education in orthodontics.

Yours truly,
Katte Anilesh

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